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I can remember sitting in my Great Aunt’s “formal” living room fidgeting with the sofa arm covers trying not to let any cookie crumbs fall off of the safety net of my skirt. The upholstered arm covers were always on when the children came to visit with their grubby fingers and I always wondered if they took them off when it was just the adults…

Fast forward a few decades or so and it is rare to see upholstered arm covers anymore on furniture, yet children still have grubby fingers – there are certainly fewer “formal” living rooms, but there is now also performance fabric!! The solution to letting all generations enjoy the furniture without fear of spills, crumbs and grubby finger damage.

Here at Furniture Walk, our upholstery suppliers have a wide variety of “revolution” or “performance” fabrics that you can choose from. These fabrics are stain resistant, anti-microbial, durable and soft to the touch. The magic ingredient is called Olefin (not only is this a Nobel prize winning fiber, it also has a teeny tiny carbon foot-print – yay for the environment!) If you have a kid, a dog, a klutzy friend or a world that involves crumbs and spills (who would want a life without crumbs?!) in your high performance life, then consider a performance fabric for your next living room set – no upholstered arm covers necessary and grubby-fingered kids always welcome.