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Have you noticed the trend towards multitasking? I’m not just talking about how to juggle work, friends and family, healthy eating, exercise, keeping your house reasonably clean and tidy all while staying in the loop with social media and posting about the triple-shot-decaf-soy-latte-with-a-shot-of-caramel that you picked up on your break, while remembering to pick up the kids from school, I’m also talking about how our expectations of things, not just people have changed. We no longer expect our watches just to tell time, we also expect them to monitor our heart rate, the number of steps we take and our phone calls and text messages. Our smart phones can basically rule the world and our speakers are now voice activated – I know you are listening creepy Alexa! With single use items on the verge of extinction – what do you mean my flour sifter is only good for sifting flour?? It can also make icing sugar look pretty on that cake I will bake and then post on Instagram, Facebook and add some weird filters to on Snap Chat – we are raising the bar on everything. Even furniture hasn’t escaped the multi-purpose movement!

Many of our suppliers have noticed that all of this technology requires a lot of battery power and the universal need to be plugged in is growing as our charging needs increase. Introducing the “Charging Sofa” and the “USB Port Sectional” – at the end of a long day of multitasking, now you can kick-back and relax in a super comfortable sofa or sectional and plug your drained devices directly into your furniture! How cool is that? I think you should post about it right now! Available at #furniturewalkbermuda