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As the halcyon days of summer come to an end and we start gearing up for “back to school” and all that the start of a new academic year entails, keep in mind that creating an attractive and clearly defined study space for your child at home can really help to put them on a path to success. Here is a short, but practical list of the top 3 back to school items available here
I can remember sitting in my Great Aunt’s “formal” living room fidgeting with the sofa arm covers trying not to let any cookie crumbs fall off of the safety net of my skirt. The upholstered arm covers were always on when the children came to visit with their grubby fingers and I always wondered if they took them off when it was just the adults… Fast forward a few decades or so and it is
Have you noticed the trend towards multitasking? I’m not just talking about how to juggle work, friends and family, healthy eating, exercise, keeping your house reasonably clean and tidy all while staying in the loop with social media and posting about the triple-shot-decaf-soy-latte-with-a-shot-of-caramel that you picked up on your break, while remembering to pick up the kids from school, I’m also talking about how our expectations of things, not just people have changed. We no