Mattresses at Furniture Walk

Furniture walk has been specializing in quality sleep products for over 30 years. We feature the most recognized and trusted brands like Stearns & Foster  – the world’s largest bedding provider and crafters of the world’s finest beds and Therapedic, the #1brand alternative. Therapedic offers the unique hour glass back support technology and because they are smaller than the big brands, they are more responsive to you  – the customer. Yet, they have a strong reputation, giving their brand the credibility that off-brands cannot match.

You spend more than one third of your life in bed, so shouldn’t you invest in the best? Stop in and ask our experienced sales staff to explain the many features and benefits of purchasing a quality mattress that addresses your individual style and comfort needs.

A note about warranties: bedding products are subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty. Please read and keep the information that comes attached to your bed at the time of delivery. It is very important that you retain your sales invoice for any warranty issues. Without this copy, we cannot submit a claim to the manufacturer.

A Guide to Mattress Shopping

Everything you need to know beforehand: Mattress shopping simplified.

Come prepared. Dress comfortably so you can test many mattresses. Bring your favourite pillow and replicate your natural sleeping position.

Know the dimensions of your current set (floor to top of mattress). Know length and width as well. Know your room dimensions for possibly purchasing a larger set. You may decide to upgrade.

Know mattress types: Innerspring, Memory Foam, Latex Foam and Hybrids (Innerspring with Memory/Latex Foam). Some mattresses come with a pillow top layer, which is an additional upholstery layer at the top of the mattress, over the support system of the mattress, for plush comfort

Be smart in-store: Start with a comfort test to determine your comfort preference first. Try a plush and firm innerspring mattress. Next try other technologies if you are curious to experience different feels, including memory foam and latex foam mattresses. At this point, do not worry about the details of what’s in the mattress. Each manufacturer may have different names so choose by your comfort preference. Remember, comfort is different for everyone. So try several styles when you’re in the store. A good mattress should provide you with the right support at every comfort level. A brief description: Ultra Plush- a very soft-feeling surface; Plush- firmer than the Ultra Plush but less firm than the Cushion Firm; Cushion Firm- firmer than Ultra Plush but softer than Firm; Firm- the hardest of the comfort levels.

Found one you really like? Ask about the product’s features, benefits and warranty. Compare it to one of higher and lower price. Learn the difference between like firmnesses but different prices. Buy the best mattress you can afford if it passes your comfort test. Additionally, your boxspring, or foundation, absorbs about 40% of the wear and tear on your sleep set. Only a total sleep system assures proper support. Get the set!

What to ask: What does the mattress have inside that offers proper back and body support? What’s inside the mattress that minimizes tossing and turning? If it’s an Innerspring, insist that the coils be twice tempered. This helps the coils retain strength and prevent mattress sag.

Know the difference in the coils inside an Innerspring mattress. Innersprings have many types of coils that can cause confusion. Here’s what you need to know. Four things factor into the support of an Innerspring mattress: the shape of the coil; the thickness of the wire (the lower the number- the thicker the coil); the quality of the coil; the tempering of the coil- make sure the Innerspring is twice tempered to prevent sagging.

While this is helpful to know when shopping, above all, it’s best to lie down on the mattress and select one that best suits your personal comfort level.

Mattress Care & Warranty Information

Mattress care and maintenance

Follow these steps to extend the life of your mattress and to ensure that your warranty is valid. If you have any issues with your new mattress, please call us immediately so that we may best assist you.

• For a one-sided mattress, rotate every couple of weeks as this will help to even out the settling of this mattress. This is especially important in the first few weeks after purchase. Then rotate on a month to two month basis for the life of the mattress.

• For a two-sided mattress, rotate mattress as well as flip it every two to three weeks initially then every couple of months for the life of the mattress.

• Purchase a waterproof protector to protect the mattress. Without a protector your warranty is void.

• Make sure that your bedframe has a center support bar with a center leg touching the ground on Queen and King Beds. Without the correct bedframe, your warranty is void.

• Try not to sit on the edge of your mattress for an extended period of time, as it will break down the edging support over time and cause a sink in the edge of the mattress.

• Do not remove the law tag from your mattress or box spring. There is no warranty if there is no law tag.

• Be sure to keep your original invoice from Furniture Walk for identifying and warranty purposes.

• Try to avoid bending the mattress more than 40 degrees when moving it and do not leave it on its edge for any length of time.

Warranty and Return Policy on Mattresses

• Make sure you know which warranty package your mattress comes with. In certain cases there is no warranty (certain models or sale items) however, in most cases the warranty period varies from three to ten years.
• If you feel that your mattress was delivered in a damaged condition, make note of it immediately and call us (292-5209) so that we may come and inspect it.
• With management approval, there will be a re-stocking fee of 10% of the value of the mattress on any returns where there are no factory flaws and mattresses must be returned in good condition within one to ten days.
• There will be no returns or exchanges on pillows, sheets, protectors, pads or toppers.