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Daybeds are essentially twin beds on frames that borrow heavily from sofa design. A daybed may have arms and a back made from materials such as wood or metal that resemble those on a formal bed headboard, but that headboard runs along the long side of the mattress too, rather than just on the short sides as it does on a bed frame. Some daybeds are on simple platform bases that don’t have arms or backs, and you can build up a couch-like back by providing plush pillows for guests to lean on as they sit. Another great feature of some daybeds is the pull out trundle underneath which doubles your sleep surface with one quick and easy motion. A daybed can be the perfect solution for a mixed-use room where you may occasionally need to accommodate over-night guests or for a children’s room to always have extra space for sleepovers. We have access to a great selection of Daybeds through our brands Hillsdale and Magnolia Home.

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